Cosmic Eidex

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Eidex - The Basic Game

Eidex is loosely based on the Swiss card game Jass, with some similarities to the German Skat. Like Skat, it is a 
3 player game. The Eidex deck, like the Jass deck, consists of 36 cards, 6 through Ace, in four suits:
Hearts (red), Lizard (green), Raven (black) and Stars (yellow). 


The deal, as well as the direction of play goes to the right, counterclockwise. The dealer deals three sets of 4 cards to every player, starting to his right, giving everybody a total of 12 cards. The last card in the deck is dealt face up before it goes into the dealers hand. It's suit determines the trump suit for this game, with two exceptions: if it is an ace or a six, there is no trump suit in this game. An ace calls for a variation called "Obenabe" (topdown), in which the higher cards beat the lower cards as usual. A six, however, reverses the order of the cards, a lower card beats a higher card. This variation is called "Undenufe" (bottomup).
After the deal, every player puts one card out of his hand face down in front of him. Like in Skat, this card still counts for his score, it is just not in play. 


The play consists of 11 tricks. The player to the right of the dealer leads to the first trick. A player must follow the suit that has been lead, if he has cards of that suit. However, unlike in most other trick-taking games, trump can be played at any time, even if the player still has cards belonging to the suit that has been lead. However, if a non-trump is lead and the middle player plays a trump, the last player is not allowed to play a lower trump (to undertrump) on that, unless all of his remaining cards are trump cards (in which case he may play a lower or higher trump as he wishes). There is an exception for the Jack (B) of the trump suit: if the Jack (B) of the trump suit is the only trump card left in a players hand, it doesn't have to be played if trump is lead.
In a trick, a higher card beats a lower card (of the same suit) and a trump card beats any card of the other suits.
The order of the cards is as follows (highest card first): 
For the trump suit, it is : Jack (B), Nine, Ace, King (K), Queen (D), Ten, Eight, Seven, Six
For the other suits, it is : Ace, King (K), Queen (D), Jack (B), Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six 
The player who played the highest card takes the trick and leads the next trick.


After all the tricks have been played, the players count the values (see below) of the cards they won and the card they discarded face down earlier. The winner of the last trick gets an additional 5 points.
The values of the cards are (there are a total of 157 points per game):

Trump  Other Suits Normal Game Topdown Bottomup
Jack (B) 20 Ace 11 11 0
Nine 14 King (K) 4 4 4
Ace 11 Queen (D) 3 3 3
King (K) 4 Jack (B) 2 2 2
Queen (D) 3 Ten  10 10 10
Ten 10 Nine 0 0 0
Eight 0 Eight 0 8 8
Seven  0 Seven 0 0 0
Six 0 Six  0 0 11

After counting their cards, 2 victory points are awarded each game according to the following:
1) If a player wins all tricks (this is called "Match"), he gets the 2 victory points.
2) If a player has more than 100 points, he gets nothing and the other players get 1 victory point each.
3) If all 3 players stay below 100 points, the player with the most and the player with the least points in this game get 1 victory point each.
4) If two players tie (and all three stay below 100 points), the other player gets the 2 victory points.

The Tournament

Eidex is played in tournaments. To win a tournament, a player must win seven victory points. To avoid having two winners, two player cannot simultaneously reach seven victory points. If two players are tied at six victory points and they would both win one victory point, the player with the higher score stays at six victory points and the other player gets relegated to five victory points (if they are tied in points, they both stay at six victory points). However, if all three players are tied at six victory points (this is referred to as chaos (-: ) and the two players who would get one victory point each, both lose (!) and the other player is the sole winner (if one player wins 2 victory points in this situation he is, of course, the winner).


The Cosmic Characters

The cosmic characters are the heart of the game: Each player draws a card randomly from the deck before the start of each tournament. This card determines, which character's power the player can use for the duration of that tournament. Most character's powers can be used only once per game (before, during or after), some can be used multiple times. 
You don't need to know every characters' powers, just the powers of the three characters used in this tournament

Ace of Lizard : Dealer 
Before each trick, the Dealer (the character, not the player dealing the cards) may exchange his hand with another player, if the other player agrees. Dealer cannot force an exchange.

Ace of Raven : Jiu-Jitsu 
Once per game, Jiu-Jitsu may swap the rank of two cards in a trick, who are next to each in the rank order. 
Example: Jiu-Jitsu stops the game and decides, that a nine beats a ten in that trick. Or the nine of trump beats the jack of trump. Or the ten of trump beats the queen of trump (As the jack of trump is ranked higher, the queen and ten are next to each other in the rank order). 

Ace of Hearts : Ultimo
If he wants to, Ultimo may take the last trick. 
If the queen of stars (Gerechtigkeit) is using her power in that game, he only gets his own card and the 5 points for the last trick.

Ace of Stars : Trumphator
After the cards have been dealt, Trumphator may reject the trump suit determined by the face open card and make the card dealt second to last determine the trump suit. 
Trumphator may not look at the second card before deciding to use his power.

King (K) of Lizard : Computer
May add or subtract 5 points to his score at the end of the game.

King (K) of Raven : Räuber (Thief)
After the cards have been dealt, Räuber may steal the trump card (the face open card dealt last). In return, he gives the dealer one card from his hand. If the Räuber is the dealer for this game, he may force the player having the six of trump in his hand to exchange it with the face open trump card. 

King (K) of Hearts : Voyeur (Peeping Tom)
May ask another player once per game to show him 5 cards from his hand. 
The named player decides which 5 cards to show. If he has 5 or less cards at that time, he has to show all of them.

King (K) of Stars : Quizmaster
After each trick, the quizmaster may ask an opponent a question about his cards, which he has to answer truthfully with yes or no. May also disclose any information about his own hand that he wants to.

Queen (D) of Lizard : Feministin (Feminist)
May refuse to take a trick which contains both a queen and a king or jack. If Feministin uses her power, the second highest card in that trick wins the trick. She is not obligated to refuse such a trick, she can take it if she wants to.

Queen (D) of Raven : Schüchterne (Shyness)
May refuse to lead a trick (once per game). Instead of leading herself, she draws a card to be lead from another player's hand (without looking at the hand or revealing the card). The other player may refuse to lead that card, in which case she draws another card, which then has to be played. 

Queen (D) of Hearts : Teekränzchen (Tea party)
After every player has put down a card, Teekränzchen gets one card each from both of the other players. She looks at the cards and give both players a card back (it can be the same they gave her).

Queen (D) of Stars : Gerechtigkeit (Justice)
May declare justice once per game: for the next two tricks the players get their cards back for scoring purposes (they do not go into the players' hands again.) The highest card still leads the next trick.
If seven of stars (Jackpot) is using his power in this game, tricks containing only lizard and raven cards do not add to the jackpot during justice. Ten of hearts (Fürsorge) may only award the right to lead, not the cards during justice.

Jack (B) of Lizard : Skater
May call Skat at any time during the game, which immediately changes the rules in the following way: Trump cards can only be played, if the player has no cards belonging to the suit being lead in his hands and the tens rank between ace and king (they now beat kings, queens, and non-trump jacks).
Skat is in effect for the remainder of that game and may not be reversed.

Jack (B) of Raven : Schwarzpeter (Old maid)
May call Schwarzpeter before the players put down their one card: The player winning the trick containing the jack of raven loses and the other players get a victory point each. If raven is the trump suit or two or more players have six victory points, Schwarzpeter cannot be called. The jack of raven must not be put down, if Schwarzpeter has been called.
However, Match overrules Schwarzpeter: if a player gets all the tricks, he gets 2 victory points as usual.

Jack (B) of Hearts : Farbenfreund (Fond of Suits)
May ask for a certain suit to be lead twice during the game. If the player who is leading doesn't have that suit, he doesn't need to comply.

Jack (B) of Stars : Scharfmacher (Agitator)
May declare a double trick once per game: Every player plays a second card (which can legally be played at that time) on top of that trick. The six cards count as one trick, the highest card takes it.

Ten of Lizard : Differenzler (Differentiator)
Before the first trick, Differenzler may guess the number of points he is going to make in that game. If he takes at least one trick and scores his number, he gets the two victory points, otherwise the game counts as normal. 

Ten of Raven : Fahnder (Cop)
If Fahnder has the lead, he can ask for a certain card once per game. If a player has that card in his hand, he must play it in this trick.
If the card has been played already or cannot legally be played in that trick or has been put down, nothing happens. If the jack of raven (Schwarzpeter) is using his power, Fahnder cannot ask for the jack of raven.

Ten of Hearts : Fürsorge (Social Security)
May award any trick of 3 or less points to a person in need. However, the Fürsorge decides herself, who is in need, which can be herself.
Because of the 5 extra points, the last trick cannot be given away. If seven of stars (Jackpot) is using his power in this game, the Fürsorge only awards the right to lead, the trick goes into the jackpot. If the seven of stars or hearts is in a trick with 3 or less points, Fürsorge can give away the trick plus the jackpot.

Ten of Stars : Weisheit (Wisdom)
Weisheit can announce certain combinations of cards in her hand before the first trick in order to receive bonus points for them. At the end of the game, Weisheit can either add or subtract the bonus points from her score. These are the points for combinations she may use:
40 points: 4 jacks
30 points: 4 nines
20 points: 5 cards of one suit in a row or 4 aces or 4 kings or 4 queens or 4 tens. 
10 points: 4 cards of one suit in a row
4 points : 3 cards of one suit in a row or king and queen of the trump suit
Example: Weisheit announces "10" before the first trick and shows the 4 cards. After the game she may add or subtract the 10 points from her score.

Nine of Lizard : Laser
Draws the card the other players have to put down from their hands (at random, without looking at their hands). If another player leads the first trick, Laser draws the card he has to lead as well.

Nine of Raven : Radarkontrolle (Speed Limit)
Before the cards are put down, Radarkontrolle may adjust the limit, which should not be reached (usually 100 points) to a an arbitrary number between 80 and 120 points. 

Nine of Hearts : Konsumentenschutz (Consumer Protection)
May reject a card once per game. The player whose card has been rejected must play a different card in that trick. He can still play the rejected card in a later trick.

Nine of Stars : Seher (Seer)
After the other two players have put their cards down, Seher may look at them. He also waits until the first card has been lead before he puts down his card. Lizard 9 (Laser) does not draw a card from Seher, but does also not reveal his face down card to him.

Eight of Lizard : Umwerter (Revalue)
After the cards have been put down, Umwerter may declare an arbitrary card to be the highest or lowest card in that suit. However, he can only up- or downgrade cards, that are not in his possession.
Example: Umwerter upgrades the eight of hearts. For the duration of this game, the rank order in hearts is 8-A-K-Q-J-10-9-7-6 or even 8-J-9-A-K-Q-10-7-6, if hearts is trump. The point values are not affected.

Eight of Raven : Zombie
If Zombie uses his power, every player must pick up a card from the last trick that they have previously won. If a player has not yet won a trick, he has to pick up his face down card. Zombie can use his power once per game and only, if at least two players have won tricks (Cards won back due to the power of the queen of stars (Gerechtigkeit) count as a trick). 

Eight of Hearts : Excuse
May not follow suit once per game and say "Je m'excuse" to play a non-trump card with value 3 or less instead. 

Eight of Stars : Taschenspieler (Cheater)
As long as he has 4 or more card still in his hand, Taschenspieler may exchange a card from his hand with the card he put down in the beginning.

Seven of Lizard : Korrektor (Rejector)
May reject a trick once per game: every player takes his card back. Korrektor may lead for the replay of that trick, if he wants to.

Seven of Raven : Fledderer (Grave Robber)
After the player have put their one card down, Fledderer may put down a second card and pick up the face down card of one other player (without looking at it before). In return, the other player receives the second card Fledderer put down. He may look at it, but not pick it up.

Seven of Hearts : Guggitaler
If Guggitaler uses his power, (which he must do before the first trick is played, but after the cards have been put down), the game changes as follows: The king of stars is worth 4 points, the hearts cards 1 point each. All other cards are worth nothing. This means, there are 13 points in the game. If a player gets all 13 points, but not all the tricks (match), he loses (and the other two players get a victory point each). Otherwise the players with the highest and lowest score get a victory point each, as usual. If two players are tied, the third player gets two victory points, as before. The King of Stars must not be put down.
Guggitaler cancels the powers of the jack of raven (Schwarzpeter), king of lizards (Computer) and nine of raven (Radarkontrolle). However, the ten of lizards (Differenzler) still gets the victory points if his "regular" score matches his prediction.

Seven of Stars : Jackpot
Before the players put their card down, Jackpot may declare "Jackpot with seven of hearts" or "Jackpot with seven of stars": He starts a jackpot with his face down card. All tricks consisting entirely of animal cards (lizard and/or raven) are not won by the player with the highest card, they add to the jackpot. The player who wins the trick containing the jackpot card (seven of hearts or seven of stars) gets the whole jackpot. 
The player winning the jackpot may not look at the face down card. Hint: The jackpot can be kept small, if the jackpot card is played early in the game.

Six of Lizard : Kompass (Compass)
May determine the direction of play before the first trick is played. Kompass can change the direction twice per game. 

Six of Raven : Black Friday
May call black friday after the card has been put down: He chooses a suit (other than raven), whose cards lose their values (but not their rank order). The values are added to the respective raven card.
Example: Black Friday invalidates the stars with stars being trump. Then the jack of raven is worth 22 points (2+20 from the jack of trump), nine of raven counts 14 points, ace of raven (11+11) etc. All stars cards count nothing. The game however doesn't change, the jack of stars is still the highest trump. 

Six of Hearts : Wünschelrute (Wishbone)
May ask for a specific card before the players put their card down. However, the donor in return draws a random card out of Wünschelrute's hand.

Six of Stars : Sphinx
May play a card face down up to two times per game. Sphinx must tell who won that trick. The card is not revealed until the end. If Sphinx leads a card face down, she must tell its suit. The Sphinx may not lie about the suit or the winner of the trick.



The characters act in the order they are listed (if not otherwise indicated), the lower cards' characters can react to the higher cards' characters. 

A simple example:
Some powers are used at the same time. The nine of raven (Radarkontrolle) and the king of raven (Räuber) both use their power before the players put the card down. Since the king is higher, he must steal the card before the nine of raven (Radarkontrolle) adjusts the limit.

A more complicated example: 
Assume the ace of raven (Jiu-Jitsu), the jack of lizards (Skater) and the six of stars (Sphinx) are the characters in this game and Jiu-Jitsu plays a ten of hearts, Skater a nine of hearts (hearts is not trump) and the Sphinx plays a card face down. If Jiu-Jitsu uses his power in this trick to make the nine beat the ten, Skater may react to that by declaring Skat, so that the ten is no longer next to the nine in rank order, thus canceling Jiu-Jitsus power. However, the Sphinx may not react to that and decide to not use her power in that trick and play her card face open instead: Her power was used during the actual play of the trick, which is an earlier phase that is already completed for this trick, whereas Jiu-Jitsu and Skat use their power during the later scoring phase of the trick.

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