Ein solches Ding - english rules. (At least a sketch of the rules...)

The heart of the game are cards, which describe an attribute of "things". 
Deal 9 cards to each player. Start the sequence with a card drawn from the remaining pile.
In his turn a player adds one of his hand cards to a sequence of cards already played by the other players, thereby adding a further attribute to the "thing", always pretending to know a "thing" with all the attributes in the sequence (but not naming it).

Instead of playing a card any player can challenge the row of cards played and ask the last player (who played the last card) to tell what the "thing" is that has all of these attributes. This may be the source of many discussions, in case of doubt the players can vote...

If the last player has named a correct "thing" the callanging player is punished with 2 cards (from the pile to his hand) otherwise the last player is punished with 3 cards. Then a new sequence for a new "thing" is started (with a card from the pile).

The first player to get rid of all his cards wins the game.

Half of the rules define what "things" are allowed in this game. I try to translate the main points:
- the "thing" may be very vague like "a book" or precisely defined like "the koran in arabic language". But it must undoubtly exist.
- the "thing" may be defined in a certain state. ("a worn old book with some pages missing") But the state must have some importance or make a certain change to the "thing". (Not allowed "a book in winter", "a car driving through a wood". Allowed "a flying rocket", "a monkey in a zoo".)
- you may name a "thing" with it's natural accessories (Allowed: "an antique book with attached Seals", "a bottle of wine and the wine in it", "a computer with a printer". Not allowed: "a man and a shirt")
- you may name a part of a thing or a common collection of things. ("all the books of the library of this town", "a pair of boots", "a collection of stamps". But not allowed: "all my possesions", "all the birds with red feathers")


Poker Variant

As additional material you need a small characteristic thingy as a mark for each player and a pad to note the points scored.
Everyone gets 5 cards from the pile. Those are the personal Jokers. The most short-sighted player gets the card "1st player".  
Then the cards are revealed one by one from the top of the pile and placed in a line next to "SUCH A THING… ". After each card every player, beginning with the 1st player, must choose whether they want to risk another card or to fold (quit). A Player who folds puts his mark on the last revealed card. Cards are continuously revealed from the pile until all players have set their mark.

Now the player who folded last must name a thing with all the attributes in the row (from the starting cards to the card with his mark).  If he does not succeed he is out for this round and does not score any points. Of the remaining players the one who folded last must find a thing with all the attributes up to his mark and so on. 

Once a thing is successfully found (accepted by the majority of players) the finder and all remining players score points equal to the number of cards revealed before the card containing their mark (and not including this one).
The "1st player"-card moves to the next player and a new round can start with a first card drawn from the pile.
The game ends if somebody reaches 33 or more points. If there are several players the winner is determined by
1) higher total of points reached
2) more points scored in the last round

Oh yes, the personal Joker cards. They may be used to “mend” the row of cards. The player having to name a thing may cover one or more of the cards in the row with his Joker cards. Then he names his solution, a thing having all the (now visible) attributes. If his solution is accepted he will get points but has lost the Jokers he used. If the solution is rejected he will get back his Jokers but gets no points.

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